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Sunday, December 13, 2009

The SWICH City Market Day Art Sale - SUNDAY 13 DECEMBER

The SWICH Contemporary Art Space at 175 Brisbane Street, Ipswich is having an art sale today.

Ipswich Art Cards on sale today only - 4 for $10 (normally $3.50) each.

15% off all original artworks on display in the Cactus Espresso Bar - Ipswich: Historical Contemporary Vibrant by local photographic artist LeAnne Vincent.

Also available autographed copies of childrens books by Toni Risson - Licking Lizards $10 and Batty Business $15. These are fabulous adventure stories set in Ipswich!

Only 4 autographed copies of art book Gleaner or Gladiator: the struggle to create by local artist Lyne Marshall.

We also have an exhibition, Transforming Spaces No.1 featuring local contemporary artists Lyne Marshall, Donna Davis, Charmaine Davis, Kate Roberts, Allan Saunderson and LeAnne Vincent.

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